An Update for Adult Clubs on Leases, Negotiating with your Landlord

I wound up early on in the Covid Crapola working on the negotiation of some modifications of leases (and one Owner Financed Private Mortgage) for Adult Club Owners. For the most part things went well, and most Landlords were amenable to working with their Tenants due...

Site Selection: Google Earth Isn’t Telling You The Whole Story

Google Earth turns 20 years old next year and it is probably the most valuable tool in our industry. But it’s just a tool and not a solution. Read More: [visual-link-preview...

The Chaos of Covid and Your Real Estate and some Practical Suggestions

A question was posed during the last ED Publications webcom: How are Club Owners dealing with Landlords? As a CCIM Candidate and a commercial Real Estate Broker since 1992, let me give you the current thinking from major commercial analysts. Your Club building is...

The First “ED WEBCOM” Took Place on April 8th

The first ED Webcon, hosted by ED Publications on the platform, took place today (April 8) and featured 50 entrants from all aspects of the industry. The ED Webcon was informal and meant as a forum for club owners, executives, and vendors to share their...

Let’s Make A Deal

  The most important items to consider when selling your club—or buying one! For any business owners, but even more so for club owners in our particular industry, the sale of the business will likely be one of the largest events they encounter during their life. ...

WTF are OPPORTUNITY ZONES? (and how Your Club might Benefit)

First off, I AM NOT A CPA. After you read this article, copy it, cut it out, or take the magazine to your CPA to look over. I am, though, a licensed commercial real estate broker and business broker, and what I’m going to summarize below could, I repeat, could, save...

Why Ya DO Gotta Worry about the Real Estate When you Sell or (Buy) A Club

Back in August at the Expo 2017, I spoke on a panel (along a representative for Ricks, Jerry Westlund of the Pony Clubs, and Jim St. John of Spearmint Rhino) that was focused on the topic of what an Owner needs to consider when getting ready  to exit (or sell) the...

So, you wanna buy a strip club?

Adult club broker and commercial Realtor Winston Hines talks about the perils of first-time buyers and ill-prepared sellers, and explains the key components for a successful adult nightclub sale. I’ve been a commercial Realtor since ‘92, and sold my first adult club...
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